Products Pictures

EZA 500/750 Batching Plant – concrete production capacity : 40 cubic meters per hour – 2012 :

Iran-Batching Plant, AslaniEZA500-750 Batching Plant, Lienherr, Iran

EZA 500/750 Advanced version – can be carried by two trucks – 2012 :

EZA500adv-Iran, Concrete Batching PlantEZA500750_ADV_2

Classic EZA 500/750 produced by Aslani Industrial Group under license of Liebherr. 1994 :

EZA500750_1994EZA500750_1994_2, Liebherr Batching Plant

EZA 1000/1500 Batching Plant with output capacity of 70 cubic meters per hour. 2012 & 2013:

EZA10001500,concrete Batching PlantEZA1000-1500, پروژه مصلی تهران, Batching PlantEZA1000_1500_3, Aslani Batching Plants, Iran

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